Your Guide to Trinity Groves

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If you are looking to live in a hot area known for its luxury living options, exciting dining scene, and all-around coolness, then you must check out Trinity Groves! The neighborhood is recognized as one of Dallas’ most unique development opportunities, taking up over 100 acres of real estate. With its countless restaurants, upscale apartments and condos and even a boutique hotel under construction, everyone is excited about this area!

Residents choose to live in Trinity Groves because they don’t want to be IN downtown, but they still want to keep the proximity and ease of getting to work. They’re hip, in-the-know and open to trying new experiences. The area is known for entrepreneurs and innovation, so your neighbors will likely be interesting go-getters.

As buzz about the area continues to increase, more and more events are happening every night in Trinity Groves. Restaurants and breweries are hosting themed evenings and tours (check out our guide), and event spaces like The Trinity Room and The Network Bar (a members-only community for professionals) are finding their audiences. There are also great options for the younger set; check out Trinity Grove’s options for private and public schools here.

The area also offers exceptional opportunities to get outside. The Trinity Skyline Trail is just under five miles of hard surface trail and will eventually hook up with the Trinity Strand Trail, once it’s completed. Trinity Overlook Park serves up beautiful views of downtown while biking, hiking, walking or picnicking. A “pocket park,” it’s located between the Dallas Floodway and the Trinity Skyline Trails. The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge provides another scenic pathway over the river, the bridge, which was completed in 2012 is known for helping to revitalize the West Dallas area that includes Trinity Groves.

Why You’ll Love It

Although Trinity Groves is hopping with new developments, it still manages to retain a quieter vibe than the surrounding areas of Downtown and the Design District. If you are looking for endless entertainment but also require a quiet neighborhood to relax and sleep in peace, this may be the perfect place to lay your head.

Why You Won’t

Trinity Groves is still up-and-coming—which means there is a LOT of ongoing construction. There are also some areas that are still a bit rough around the edges, so make sure to visit prior to committing to see if this is the right vibe for your next home.

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