Your Guide to Dallas’ Design District

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Dallas’ Design District is an exciting community filled with creative people, delicious restaurants and luxury living. It’s both eclectic and upscale, with a mix of vintage stores, thrift shops, contemporary art galleries, and showrooms.

Residents embrace creativity, art and design in their everyday lives and, therefore, we would be remiss not to mention the endless supply of art available for viewing in the Design District. There’s a strong contemporary art presence at the Samuel Lynne Galleries, the Ginger Fox Gallery and The Public Trust. Many galleries are within walking distance of one another (especially on Dragon Street), so we suggest making a day out of it.


If you’re into learning, Dallas Glass Arts offers classes, workshops, and events to the local community. You can take a private lesson on the art and craft of glassblowing if you want to dive right in or give a group demonstration or class a try to get your feet wet. Just be sure to come ready to be creative and awed at the skill of the artisans who work and teach there.

If you’re in the mood to pick up some culinary skills, stop by The Cookery for a wide variety of interactive cooking classes. Each class is taught by a culinary instructor and covers the creation of a complete 3-4 course dinner. Best of all, you finish your lesson with a family-style feast!

For those who would rather find entertainment in the great outdoors, you can hike the sections of the beautiful Trinity Strand Trail that weave through the Design District.

Why You’ll Love It

True to its name, the Design District boasts a truly impressive number of galleries and showrooms, naturally attracting a creative crowd. The restaurant scene is evolving and exciting, and there are plenty of great drink deals and happy hours to decompress in your neighborhood after work.

Why You Won’t

The Design District has a lot to offer in terms of culture, learning, and art, but if an active nightlife is number one on your priority list you may be better off in a neighborhood that’s more geared toward night owls.

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