Why Fall Might Be the Perfect Time to Move

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Many people move in the Summer when employers are a little more lax about needed time off, it’s generally preferred to avoid moving in winter’s snow or sleet and kids are out of school so schedules are less demanding and there’s not a disruption in class time. But, Fall is actually an ideal time to move for several reasons worth considering:


  1. It’s not (as) hot out.
    Moving is hard for so many reasons, but high on the list is the physical effort required to pack, move and unpack. Even if you have movers to help, you’re likely going to want to transport a few things yourself – valuable or fragile items, maybe a day or two of personal supplies for you or kids and pets – so you’ll still be working up a sweat. Plus, that front door is often open for several hours on moving day, rendering air conditioning useless. The entire experience is much more pleasant in cooler temperatures.
  2. It’s less likely to rain.
    In many states, fall ushers in dryer days. This means less chance of all of your worldly possessions getting soaked in the rain or items getting muddy if dropped or dragged on wet surfaces. It also opens up the window of time available to maneuver items into and out of the truck if you’re not dashing in between raindrops or rushing to beat a storm.
  3. It’s cheaper.
    Rental trucks and movers are in high demand between the months of May and September and, as a result, prices are also typically higher. Rates drop in the off season to entice customers to move during a less busy time.
  4. Scheduling is easier.
    Especially if moving to a new city or state, your schedule is less flexible. A reduced demand for movers allows you to have your pick of days and times that fit with a longer moving window, including popular weekend days.
  5. Less notice is required.
    While most moves are known with several weeks, if not months, of notice, sometimes you’ve got to act quickly and it can be frustrating when movers and other important services are booked. Moving in the off season means you have more available when you need it.

Oftentimes, a move is dictated by things outside of your control such as the sale of a home or the availability of a place you absolutely love. However, if you are a little flexible in your moving timeframe, it might be worth extending a summer move by a few weeks to reap the benefits.


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