Warming Up an Apartment for Fall’s Chilly Nights

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If your apartment is chilly or you simply just feel like cozying up the place to offset the grey weather outside your windows, we have a few tips to banish the cold. 

Soft Under Feet

It’s no secret that a rug is less of a shock to bare feet than hard flooring, so adding an area rug or even a larger whole-room rug will go a long way. This also helps to add insulation between apartments, keeping your warm air inside of yours. Of course, the thicker the rug, the more effective it will be. A rug pad is a also good way to add bulk while also adding comfort and helping to keep the rug in place.

Fabric Wall Hangings

By the same logic, fabric tapestries, quilts or rug wall hangings will add a critical insulating barrier between you and the surfaces closest to the elements. Especially if your walls feel cold to the touch, you could be losing up to a third of your heat through conductive heat loss – covering them up will make a big difference. Plus, the extra threads will just make your apartment look cozier!

Block Drafty Windows

If you can feel air around your windows or have low performance glass, thermal curtains or shades can block drafts quite well. If you prefer to let the warm sunshine in during the day, they will still help around the edges, and then really kick in when closed at night when temperatures drop.

Toasty Towels

Perhaps the most jarring time to feel cold is stepping out of that hot shower. A standing heated towel rack can offer up a warm hug for you and also warm up a coat, mittens, sweater or blanket before bed.

Add a Fireplace

Wishing you had a fireplace? An electric fireplace is an easy and affordable way to add a warm touch to your apartment. Check out our guide at: https://blog.onradpad.com/apartment-sized-fireplaces/

While it’s generally not acceptable to make permanent changes to your apartment (though, you never know – check with your landlord; they might be open!), these ideas are tailor-made for transient spaces.


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