Upsides of Renting in Downtown

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If you have never lived in a dense urban environment, it could be intimidating at first, but there is so much to offer, you’ll likely wonder why you didn’t move downtown sooner. 

Everything at Your Fingertips (or Toes)

As the definition of “downtown” means that businesses, stores and residences are built much closer to each other and development also often goes up, that means that there are that many more places located right outside your door. You can get errands done, grab a quick bite, head to the park or see friends in a much shorter span of time, perhaps even all in the same day. The city center is also where museums, sports arenas, urban parks, concerts and events tend to be located. And, if you’re a night owl, then this is exactly where you’ll want to be – most venues will be open later and offer more energy than those in the suburbs.

Live Where You Work

One of the more practical benefits to living in a commercial center is that you’re likely employed in or near the area. Commute time, cost and usually stress can be reduced significantly by living just a few minutes away. Walking or riding a bike or scooter or taking advantage of other transportation options might be preferable than dealing with traffic, parking and car expenses and help offset rental costs if downtown rates are a bit higher.

Quality Living

Downtown investment has been on the upswing in cities across the country for the past decade and, as a result, most properties are fairly new or recently renovated, offering higher quality and trending finishes and layouts. In addition, many urban apartments offer upscale amenities such as a pool, gym and more like this

The urban lifestyle has a lot to offer anyone whether you’ve just graduated college or are retired – there’s definitely something for everyone!


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