Up the Feng Shui in Your Apartment by Creating an Entryway Hallway

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Many apartment entrances open directly and rather unceremoniously into the living area without the intermediate space of a hallway that single-family homes typically offer. With a few clever design tricks, however, you can establish a separate space to welcome guests.

Rearrange the Room

Perhaps the easiest way to create the illusion of a hallway simply involves reorienting your longest piece of furniture in your living room, the couch, so that the back defines a linear corridor behind it. A couple of substantial chairs or a bookshelf would also work. If you’ve got the space, re-organizing the room to accommodate this new layout will create a masterful optical illusion.

Add A Sofa Table

After you’ve reoriented the couch, adding a sofa table behind provides that ceremonious touch that makes the new layout seem like it was meant to be while also perhaps adding a bit of needed storage for common “coming home” items like keys, mail and other hallway paraphernalia. 

Add A Bench

In your new “hallway,” lean in to the act of shedding the world from whence you came by adding a bench to sit and don or remove shoes, coats and hats/gloves. Some benches can also serve as storage for those items plus dog leashes, umbrellas and other items you might need quick at hand. 

Convert Your Coat Closet

If you don’t really have too much room for new furniture in this new space, if your landlord is ok with you removing a door (or able to do it for you) and you are able to forgo the extra storage, the nook created in doing so can also provide that hallway appeal as a place for a shorter bench, entry console or hutch.

Introduce Visual Cues

Just making the main entryway wall an accent wall with a different color paint, wallpaper or wall stencil will present that corner as distantly different than the rest of the space. If you don’t have carpet, a runner or small rug will also define that section of floor as belonging to the entry and not the rest of the room. Adding wall hooks can provide storage for coats, scarves and purses.

Shed New Light

If you have a light over the doorway and you have permission to change fixtures, a grand statement piece can provide a fun way to enter the space. Making it larger or brighter than the rest of the room’s lighting will also set it apart.

Even if it’s just you coming and going, this new space will help you more smoothly transition from the act of coming inside to settling in.


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