Unpacking – Simplified!

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The movers have gone and now you are left with all those boxes to unpack – where to begin? Unpacking might be the last thing you want to do right now – you need a break! Resist the urge to start frantically rummaging around for things here and there and scattering things throughout the apartment, you’ll undo that masterful professional packing job you did! We’ve simplified the process to get you unpacked in no time and ready to chillax in your new pad.

Let’s Get It Started!
It can be overwhelming to look at all of your boxes and not know where to start! It’s a much easier task to focus on one area or room at a time, especially if your boxes were labeled by room. So, pick your highest priority room and dive in. This could be the bedroom if you want a clean and stress-free place to sleep right away, the kitchen so you don’t have to eat out yet again, or maybe the bathroom if you need to prepare for the morning rush.

Get Your Party On
Even if your friends don’t know exactly where everything should go, another set of hands will make things go twice as fast and infinitely more fun. Grab a drink, crank up the music and make a night of it! It’s also a great way to christen your new place with wonderful new memories.

Let’s (Not) Unpack That
Before you actually dig into your boxes, scan the room and mentally set it up first, or even draw it out on paper. Be sure to position the furniture in the right spot – by the window, an outlet, out of the natural line of traffic, etc. Even if it’s a chair or bed without anything going in it, you’ll still want to know where it works best with all the rest of the items in the room so you don’t have to unpack and move everything later.

Think Like a Chef
The best place to put things is wherever you want them, but there are a few tried and true tips for the workhorse of the home – the kitchen:
Cutlery in the first drawer to the right of your sink or dishwasher (left if you’re left-handed)
Dishes at eye level near the dishwasher or sink
Pots and pans and their lids near the stove
Appliances and heavy items on the lowest shelf for stability

Unpacking - Simplified!

Out of the Box
When you get started unpacking a room, have a recycling bag close by. There will likely be used packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, and packing peanuts that will naturally pile up and can get in your way. Save yourself the hassle of losing things underneath these items. As soon as you have finished unpacking a box, flatten it and place it in a pile. When you’re done with that room, take the boxes out to recycling or to the car to bring to a recycling center (or to give to a friend!). You’ll open up the space to move around and your place will look less like a warehouse and more like a place to call home.

You Can’t Even
At the end of all of this, there might be some items that don’t yet have a logical home, and that’s ok! Whatever you do, resist the urge to leave them out throughout your apartment. Instead, designate a single room or area for everything that is out of the way enough to function, but not too hidden so that you don’t ever get around to making a decision.

And, just like that, you’re done!

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