RadPad’s 2013 Presidents Cup goes to… (drum roll please)… Tim!

The President’s Cup is awarded to an individual who consistently and undeniably gives of themselves for the greater good and benefit of everyone who is part of team RadPad.

Our very first President’s Cup winner is Tim Watson, the guy responsible for building RadPad’s mobile app. Every aspect of how the app works, how it performs and responds to the demands of our customers can be attributed to Tim’s genius. 


For example, we’ve had over 12 app submissions since we launched RadPad and Tim has had a 100% Apple approval rate, something that is almost unheard of. He’s the best iOS engineer I’ve ever been lucky enough to have worked with and RadPad is very lucky to have him.

This year I wanted to recognize someone for being RadPad’s MVP. While this award could have gone to anyone on our team, Tim really embodies the very essence of what this award means. 

These qualities include:

  • Extreme hard work & an acute focus to detail.
  • An integrity & honesty that can’t be argued.
  • Ups the standards of excellence of the entire company through their own example and quality of their work.
  • A friend, teammate and leader.
  • Loyalty and passion.
  • A near perfect record of attendance.

So congratulations Tim! You not only deserve this award but have set a standard that will only continue to elevate the level of respect for what it means to be awarded RadPad’s President’s Cup.

– Jon