These are the Top 10 Up-And-Coming Neighborhoods in Los Angeles right now!

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So you want to live in Los Angeles but you don’t want to pay the absurd rental prices that come with living in some of the most popular neighborhoods like Santa Monica, Malibu, West Hollywood, Hollywood and Downtown?

With the median price of 1-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles hovering around $1,700/month, we’ve taken some time to help you discover cheaper, up-and-coming neighborhoods in the city that still have the cool, hip and trendy vibes of the more expensive neighborhoods.

Let’s start on the coast and work our way inland.

Expensive neighborhood: Malibu ($3,967)

Cheaper Alternatives: Woodland Hills ($1,776), Topanga ($1,777)

Expensive neighborhood: Santa Monica ($2,235)

Cheaper Alternatives: West Los Angeles ($1,727), Mar Vista ($1,823)

Expensive neighborhood: West Hollywood ($2,010)

Cheaper Alternatives: Miracle Mile ($1,632), Mid City ($1,335)

Expensive neighborhood: Hollywood ($3,967)

Cheaper Alternatives: Studio City ($1,518), Los Feliz ($1,426)

Expensive neighborhood: Downtown ($1,947)

Cheaper Alternatives: Korea Town ($1,320), Silver Lake ($1,422)

So you ready to find a new house or apartment in one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods? You’re sure to find your next pad here.

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