The Extra Bedroom – Not Just for Guests!

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If you often have houseguests, an extra bedroom might be a welcome step up from the couch. However, if visitors grace your doorstep only once a year, this room might be better used for something else. (And, don’t forget, it can still transform into a guest bedroom in a snap). Before you go the more traditional route, let’s examine several options to help you maximize that square footage.


If you don’t have a walk-in closet, this room could allow your clothes (from all seasons!), shoes, purses, coats and more to spread out and have some room to breathe. The room closet can definitely be used, but you can also add mobile clothing racks, shelving for shoes, trees for coats, purses, scarves, etc. Add a mirror and a chaise and you’ve got a space you might just spend hours in.


If you work from home or simply appreciate a dedicated place to pay bills or catch up on email, an extra bedroom can make a handsome office. A desk is a must, of course, but floor-to-ceiling bookshelves will really add a cozy statement. Glam task lighting will bring unique focus to your work. If you have more room, a couch or lounge chair can invite a power nap to keep you on track.


Does this room get all the sun? Missing a garden outside? Perhaps this space can be transformed into a plant nursery. Mini pots can line window sills, plant stands can lift larger pots off the floor, hanging plants can double access to the sun. Maybe there’s room for an indoor potting bench, floral arranging nook or seed library.


Got a hobby? Like to sew? Are you a musician? Dancer? Artist? An extra bedroom can easily be decked out to foster interrupted time dedicated to your craft. Keep the mess behind closed doors while also keeping distractions out.


Prefer to workout at home rather than the gym? If you’ve got an entire room, larger equipment can find a permanent home along with extra towels, a TV and water station. If meditation is more your style, a peaceful sanctuary can be crafted that allows an escape from your everyday home life just outside the door.

Whatever you choose to use an extra bedroom for, hopefully these options will get your creative juices flowing so this room can manifest as much more than a storage room or a place for very occasional guests.



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