The Dollars and Sense of Storage Units

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Got too much stuff? Not enough space? Your first step should be a thorough decluttering, “Kondo-style. After you’ve finished, if you’ve still got personal, functional or “just-because” items that you want to keep don’t have the room, in most major cities, a storage unit is a far cheaper alternative to renting a larger apartment.

This often-overlooked option can be ideal for those cooking appliances and accessories you only need over the holidays, clothing for the off-season, travel gear, items from family or past relationships you might not be ready to part with, past years’ taxes… None of these need to be right at your fingertips. 

Depending on the cost, you might even be able to downsize your apartment and save even more by simply storing what you don’t need to live day to day.

The rule of thumb for deciding what to put in storage is that something is a good candidate for storage if it is something you’ll need once or twice a year. If it’s more often, you’ll likely want it handy. If it’s needed only every five years or so, that’s usually a sign that you should sell, donate or give it away.

Tips for getting your items ready for storage are to a) protect your items by keeping them off the floor (pallets work well), b) wrap them well to keep dust off of them and pests out of them, c) label them so that you can find what you need quickly and d) invest in a heavy-duty lock to protect your belongings from theft.


You might even live near a storage unit, so nothing is ever really too far away.


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