Temporary Window Privacy Options for Apartment Dwellers

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You’ve moved into a lovely new pad with tons of natural light – brightening your days and nourishing your plants. But, if you’ve got neighbors, you might be concerned about privacy, especially at night. For most rooms, curtains or blinds are the obvious solution, but what about for those spaces in which you’d still like to let in light, but still need privacy, such as the bathroom or exterior doors?

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Window Film

Adhesive-backed window film has become increasingly popular in recent years, but unless you have permission from your landlord, you likely aren’t able to use this permanent product. Hot on its heels, however, is static cling window film – offered in many of the same styles, but working just like those easily removable decals for car windows that peels right off. You could even change it out with the seasons, for your favorite sports teams, the holidays, whatever mood suits you.

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Tension-Rod Curtain

If your need for privacy is only on the bottom half of a window, a tension-rod might be the perfect solution. Find the size that fits your opening and tighten it to fit and so it will support the weight of your curtain. It can be easily removed and adjusted up or down. This also offers an easy swap for style or season. Depending on the level of privacy needed, fabric might be shear/lacy or opaque.

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If you have a wide windowsill, rather than installing permanent shutters, a folding set can be placed right on top. Size isn’t too critical as they can be folded or extended to fit the width of the opening. A quick paint job will coordinate them with your room décor. Some shutters even have moving slats if you need to peak outside.

DIY Frame

With a little measuring and an afternoon, you create a custom frame that pops in and out, as needed. A quick Google search provides step-by-step instructions for building a wood frame you can wrap with fabric that snugly sits inside your window.

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Pop-In Shades

These are shades that operate like standard pull-cord or push-up blinds and require no drilling or holes, much like the option above, but perhaps with a little more of a professional finish. Exact window measurements need to be taken in advance, of course, for a good fit.

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Down in Front

If you’ve got a little room to work with in front of the window, a bookshelf, standing screen or even a living wall of plants will provide privacy without having to mess with the window itself. And, just move it out of the way when not needed.

Surely one of these clever ideas will help you breathe a sigh of relief with welcome privacy that won’t cause you to lose your security deposit.


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