Tech Tip: Invest In Surge Protectors

Here at RadPad, we love our gadgets (we are a tech company, after all). Our gadget collections have added up over the years and include some pricey investments. Therefore we protect our important tech valuables such as computers and TVs with strip surge protectors.

Belkin Strip Surge Protector with Telephone and Coaxial Protection from – $16.99

By now, most people know (hopefully not after finding out the hard way) that a single power surge caused by irregularities in power grids or faulty wiring in older buildings can really do a number on your electronics. An inexpensive way to insure those expensive investments is with a surge protector. 

Strip surge protectors usually run about $15-50 bucks each, which can add up if you have a bunch of stuff to protect. If you are anything like us and have electronics that are not part of a computer setup or entertainment system, it is likely that you don’t protect them. Did you know that there are inexpensive single plug surge protectors? We find that these are absolutely perfect for things like your mobile phone charger, electronic picture frames, flat irons and hair dryers. It also doesn’t hurt to keep one in your laptop bag so that you can protect your computer on the go.

360 Electrical Single Outlet Surge Protector from Amazon – $5.25

After you move into your new pad, do a quick survey of all the things that you plug into the wall. A good rule of thumb is that if your gadget is worth over $50 and has a circuit board, it is worth protecting with a surge protector. There are lots of affordable options out there, a few of which we have outlined below. Bottom line: get protected. Its worth the investment. 

Belkin Single Outlet Surge Protector with USB Port from Amazon – $14.99

Defiant Wall Mount Surge Protector from The Home Depot – $5.95 

Coleman Single Outlet Surge Protector from Kmart – $6.95