Studio Apartments That Will Make You Forget You Even Want a Bedroom

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Usually touted as “cozy” or “quaint,” the studio apartment has long been the go-to place for those looking for minimalist living, or a lower-cost space in a higher-cost rental market (we’re looking at you, San Francisco). For its notorious lack of space, the studio has its benefits: it’s cheaper to decorate (less room, less stuff), you can see your TV from every room in your house, and believe it or not, can be fun to design. To prove our point, we scoured the Interwebz to find some of the best-looking, space-utilizing studios around. And in case you’re looking to become a one-room renter, we crunched the numbers and found the current median monthly rent price for studios across eight U.S. cities.

Atlanta  – $1,114
Median price of a studio apartment as of July 2018

The minimalist design and natural light of this Atlanta studio creates a larger feel. Sean Michael and his dog Charlie  designed a small space to feel like a home. He was able to create this modern clean space by using items like the Japanese Metal Trunk that doubles as storage and a coffee table and wall shelves in the kitchen to declutter.

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Boston – $2,301
Median price of a studio apartment as of July 2018

Maeve Stier (and dog Weaver) created an incredibly chic space with only 500 square feet. The tall ceilings, big windows, and huge ceiling to floor mirror give the space a sense of openness. Paired with the charm of the apartment’s molding and chandler with Maeve’s green velvet couch and gold accents it gives the apartment an upscale feel.

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Chicago – $1,251
Median price of a studio apartment as of July 2018

This Chicago bachelor pad proves that less isn’t always more. Rene lives in a 320 square foot studio and decorated to a maximalist level without feeling cluttered. He uses rich layers in his apartment decorating almost ever surface possible. Using gallery style design to hang his artwork creates a grand feel to the tiny studio.

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Dallas – $915
Median price of a studio apartment as of July 2018

This Dallas teacher came up with her own IKEA hacks to transform her studio into a home. She built floor to ceiling bookshelves that show off her tall ceilings while adding color and organization to the space. Her dog Deacon even has his own home underneath her bed.

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Denver – $1,243
Median price of a studio apartment as of July 2018

Chris transformed his small studio space into his own masterpiece. This Denver artist has converted basic white cupboards and dressers into geometric art he created himself. His modern and eclectic style is paired nicely with the exposed brick and tall windows of the apartment. Chris’ favorite spot in the whole apartment is the bay window in the living room with “light [that] is beautiful in the morning.”

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New York City – $2,929
Median price of a studio apartment as of July 2018

Known to be called “Willy Wonka Chic,” this Upper West Side apartment doesn’t lack any character. Coco, an actress and drama teacher, was inspired by her career, mom, the 80’s, and her own adventures. The living room and kitchen is filled floor to ceiling, wall to wall leaving minimal space for additions. She admits to running out of wall space more than once.

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Los Angeles – $1,614
Median price of a studio apartment as of July 2018

Lee moved cross country (NYC to LA) looking for a space with charm and light – she found exactly that. Lee, a wellness blogger, stresses the importance of wellness in the home. She has created an environment that is safe, clean, de-cluttered and bright with natural light and plants.

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Washington, D.C. – $1,642
Median price of a studio apartment as of July 2018

This teeny tiny studio in DC was brought to life by Rachel with an orange vintage ‘60s couch, plants, and gold figurines. Her favorite place is the charming fireplace that breaks up the rectangular room and adds some dimension. The mantel doubles as an area for extra storage.

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