Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Apartment

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Got some extra time on your hands while you are staying in during quarantine? Just flung those windows open wide to let in that Springtime air and noticed all the dust? We’ve got your guide to a deep clean that will sanitize your home and help you greet the new season with a fresh start. Depending on the size of your apartment and the last time you really cleaned, this can be an all-day project or stretch out over several weeks. 


Clear Out

Before you can properly reach all surfaces and nooks and crannies, you need to pick up and clear out. Definitely throw away or recycle disposables and then use this time to go through your clothes, books, files, knick knacks and even furniture – keep exactly what you want and donate what you don’t.

Tackle the Big Stuff First

  • Dust tables, bookshelves, ledges, doors, blinds, ceiling fans, lampshades throughout the house – even the top of your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets if you can safely reach them.
  • You’ve likely shook some of that dust onto the floor so next up is to vacuum carpets and rugs, furniture (remove those cushions and get underneath and along walls, too!) and windowsills.
  • Take the time to spot clean stains.
  • Be sure your HVAC filter is replaced and dust the vent cover, too.
  • Clean all windows and mirrors with a streak-free cleaner,
  • Finally, mop any hard-surface flooring.

Kitchen Details

  • If you have specialty countertops, clean those with the appropriate cleaning solution.
  • Next, empty out all of your drawers and cabinets and wipe clean with a wet rag. Use this time to discard duplicate or unneeded items.
  • Clear out your refrigerator and freezer and clean those with vinegar and water – put back just the fresh items!
  • Clean out the microwave with vinegar and water.
  • Thoroughly clean your stovetop and oven racks. If you can reach them, clean out the hood fan and filter.
  • Unplug your toaster, empty the tray and scrape off any stuck-on bits.
  • Sanitize the garbage can and the recycling bin.
  • Scour the sink (including the garbage disposal), scrub the faucet with vinegar and water and clear out the aerator.
  • Finally, run the dishwasher empty with a cup of vinegar and ½ cup of baking soda.

Bathroom Details

  • Clean the counters, sink and trash cans just as you did in the kitchen.
  • If you’ve got grout, use grout cleaner and give your tile a facelift.
  • Scour the tub, clean the glass shower stall or, if you have a shower curtain, replace the plastic liner or wash the cotton liner.


Once your home is spotless, add some fresh flowers, swap out heavy blankets for lighter throws and wash your linens. You’re home will feel as good as new.


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