Smart Tech That Will Do Your Chores

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Living the busy urban lifestyle with no time to bother with chores? If cleaning your apartment seems to always be the last thing on your list, we can’t wait to share with you all of the new affordable technology available that save you valuable hours each week.


Roomba is the brand that started it all, but now there are several robotic vacuum cleaners on the market that keep your floors free of debris as often as you schedule it. The newest models map your home to ensure complete coverage and avoid dinging walls and furniture and even empty their own bin.


The next level of clean is a fresh mop after a newly vacuumed floor and that’s finally possible. The same mapping and self-cleaning features are available on these devices so that you can come home (or wake up) to upscale hotel-room-quality clean.

Kitchen Helper

Need someone to help prep and cook? If you’re not already getting meals delivered or want to try something truly from scratch, a smart sous vide can whisk, caramelize, brown, chop, steam, sauté, blend, boil, knead, emulsify and ferment on top of its original function of cooking food to perfection – low and slow. It can also keep your food cold for safe storage until it’s ready to be cooked and be turned on by an app from anywhere or at a pre-set time.

Got Cats?

A self-cleaning litter box is perhaps something you never knew you needed. These only need to be changed every 3-4 weeks, meaning your days are no longer filled with waste management or litter box smells. Get back to what you really want – all the snuggles. Your cat will also thank you as they enjoy a fresh box every time.

It’s All About the View

Not tall enough to clean the tops of your windows? Don’t feel like dragging out the ladder? Suction-powered robotic cleaners clean every last corner and never fall off an edge. Simply power them with a remote or an app while you’re safely at ground level.


So, leave the cleaning to someone else, err, -thing, and grab a few extra moments for your hectic schedule!


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