Show Off Your Personality Through Your Home Decor

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After you’ve taken care of function in your apartment – furniture, lighting, tables, etc… Then it’s time to consider the more artful vignettes you compose within each of your rooms. A few good rules of thumb to consider are to focus on items that are compelling and personal but not to the point of making anyone uncomfortable, colorful but “matchy matchy,” intriguing enough to spark conversation and simple so it’s not contributing to clutter. The following are hopefully some fresh ideas to consider when personalizing each of the rooms of your apartment.

Living Room

This is typically where most flex their decorating muscles and is, therefore, perhaps the easiest to tackle first. Artwork, plants and coffee table books are common. Other objects to consider might be fossils, crystals, antiques, sculpture, pottery and artistic vases – these all feel right at home in this somewhat formal room.

Dining Room

This room might be the first room where you could break out of the norm. A festive environment is the focus here to invite lingering over a meal for an evening of, good food, drinks and stories. Flair can be introduced by entertainment-oriented features such as cocktail bar carts, ornate buffets and over-the-top seasonal table centerpieces


This is a chance for you to get a little cheeky as the bathroom is not a place people typically linger or talk about, so have a little fun with it. Add some art that is sure to catch your guests’ eye and make them laugh. 


This is a space for corralling those items that have special meaning just for you, arranged to greet you when you retreat to your hideaway. This is the place for photos, memorabilia and items that might be too personal for your more public spaces.

These are all suggestions, of course. Personalizing your space can be an art in and of itself – have fun with it!


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