Setting Up Your New Bathroom for Quicker ‘Getting Ready’ Times

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Moving into a new apartment and wondering how to get all of your bathroom items just as you’d like them? We’ve got some clever tips to share for creating extra storage where you need it the most.

Stand-Alone Shelving

If you’ve got the room, a tall shelving unit can offer all the extra space you need. Open shelving is a welcoming way to offer extra towels, guest soaps and other items you don’t mind being out in the open. If there are cabinet doors, extra toilet paper and toiletries can be hidden out of sight. If you are short on space, an over-the-toilet shelf stand is a space-saving option for going vertical.

Bathroom Bar?

If you’re looking for a quick fix, a sink-side barstool just might offer the extra critical counter space you need and allow you to store a few items underneath, as well. A mini bar cart can add a touch of glam with typically two levels of storage and perhaps even rollers to move out of the way if more space is needed.

Wall Shelving

If your landlord has given their blessing to hang items on the wall, a shelf unit above the toilet or bathtub can store extra towels, toilet paper and perhaps include a bar or hook for guest hand towels.


If your extra real estate is narrow, you might have just enough room for a ladder to lean against a wall or behind a door to hold towels or even sleep clothes with slippers tucked underneath.

Shower Caddies

The shower caddy isn’t just for college students! Occupying the unused space underneath your showerhead, they typically provide 1-3 rows of shelves, often with hooks on the side for washcloths, scrubbies or loofahs. They come in a variety of metal tones to coordinate with the fixtures in your bathroom and even water-resistant wood for a more elevated look. If you need more storage, a corner caddy held in place with suction can hold your soap, shampoo, razor and more.

Shelving In Shelving

A pullout shelf unit inside your bathroom cabinet can double your storage by adding extra levels and cubbies to an otherwise one-level space.


If you simply don’t have any space for extra storage, organizing your countertop items will go a long way towards eliminating clutter and instituting order from chaos. An elegant metal or spa-like wooden tray can hold your everyday items, transforming your bathroom from a cluttered personal space into a hotel guest bathroom.


Baskets can be used much like a tray on a countertop and cover up even more of your personal items with higher sides. They might also come with a lid to hide items away entirely when not in use. They are also great on the floor, covered or not, to hide extra toilet paper or cleaning supplies.


If you have a corner left over, a magazine rack or linen hamper are handy additions to consider – both for you and your guests.

Giving your bathroom a makeover will likely shave off valuable minutes from your getting-ready routine and lower your stress levels, to boot.


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