Renting a 1-bedroom apartment near the ‘L’ in Chicago

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As we celebrate Halloween on Friday and walk into November on Saturday, it’s hard to believe we’re that much closer to the winter months. You can already feel it as the days get shorter and the nights get longer.

You know what this means right? In Chicago it means packed CTA cars on ‘L’ as not a single one of us wants to walk or bike anywhere during the winter months. Living as close as possible to a train stop becomes quite important when it’s -20 degrees outside.

So what does it cost to live near a CTA stop? We ran some numbers to give you a real-time, like what it will cost you right now, to live near one of the major stops along Chicago’s ‘L’ line.

RadPad Chicago One-Bedroom Median Apartment Rents October 2014At $2,055/month for a one bedroom, Wicker Park takes the prize for one of the most expensive neighborhood stops in Chicago. But not to worry because just a few stops north is Logan Square, and for about $600 less/month you can get almost the same amount of space ($1,422/month).

You can also find some killer deals in rapidly changing Pilsen and Lower West, coming in at $964 and $939 per month respectively. Bridgeport, one of the most up-and-coming spots in Chicago, also has solid rent deals at $1,159/month.

If you are looking to live as close to the Loop ($2,052/month) as possible, you may want to checkout Old Town ($1,814/month), University Village ($1,778/month) or even Chinatown which comes in at a cool $1,754 per month.

So if you’re thinking it might be a great time to consider a move, just before it gets too cold outside, head over to RadPad and find your next apartment. If you’re not considering moving anytime soon and want to pay your rent online with a debit or credit card, then check out our newest offering, Pay with RadPad, which is backed by our 100% Rent Guarantee.

And if you’re digging our Chicago Rent Graphic, feel free to download a high-resolution version right here and share it on your site or with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

How we came up with these median rent prices

Our team evaluated over 18,000 one-bedroom apartments and homes for rent on RadPad within a 0.5 mile radius of each CTA train stop to determine October 2014’s median rent.

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