Renting a 1-bedroom apartment near BART in San Francisco

Lets state the obvious: it’s insanely expensive to live in San Francisco, which also just took the prize for the most expensive rental city in the entire US.

So we wondered, is there anywhere in the Bay area where one can find an apartment that doesn’t require them to sell their left arm? One way to understand rents across the city is take a ride on the BART, which we sorta did.

We looked at over over 17,000 one-bedroom apartments within a half mile radius from each BART stop. This gave us the median price for that stop. Plot that data along a map we designed showing each BART stop and you can instantly see where you’ll have to live to get a decent deal on a one-bedroom apartment.

Renting a 1-bedroom apartment near the BART in San Francisco

While costs are also growing in the East Bay, you can still find deals, especially in Contra Costa County.

Walnut Creek has a great foodie scene, fun bars and amazing shopping, but the average rent for a one bedroom is about half the cost ($1,850/mo) of what you might find in San Francisco and is only a 35-minute BART commute into the city.

A few minutes further north in Pleasant Hill and Concord, the rent is also more affordable coming in at $1,683/mo and $1,712/mo respectively.

If you are looking to live in Oakland or greater Alameda County, you can also find deals near the Coliseum ($1,458/mo) or Bay Fair (close to the Bayfair Center) at about $1,199/mo.

As you creep north towards Berkeley, costs expectedly rise, but living closer to the Ashby station ($1,795/mo) instead of downtown Berkeley ($2,050) can shave off a couple hundred per month.

If you need to stay on the Peninsula and don’t mind commuting with people heading to and from the airport, you can find some deals in Daly City ($1,995/mo) and South San Francisco ($1,737/mo). South San Francisco also has a growing downtown area featuring a weekly farmer’s market that only sells California grown produce and goods.

So while finding an apartment may be darn near impossible depending on where you’re looking, we hope at least you’ll consider areas that may now seem more reasonable.

If you’re currently looking, then check out these apartments and homes for rent on RadPad right now. If you’re happy where you’re at currently, RadPad also offers the ability to pay rent online with a debit or credit card—if you’re not into the whole checks, envelopes, stamps and remembering thing.

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