The Rent Is Too Damn Oh Forget It: Jimmy McMillan Quits Politics

Jimmy McMillan, the animated and eccentric New Yorker who came to national prominence as a long-shot candidate for governor in 2010 by declaring the “rent is too damn high,” announced this week that he is leaving politics. However, he still believes that the rent is too damn high (so do we, look at the numbers we crunched) and that someone should do something about it.


“Rent is too damn high is an international crisis,” McMillan said, which was riddled with spelling and grammatical errors (check out the statement here). “There are many questions the people should ask themselves. I which them the best — I’m out.”

The 69-year-old, who founded his own Rent Is Too Damn High party, said that his trademark was for sale and that the voters of New York City and state were “totally brainwashed” because they failed to seek “rent reduction for the people in the cities of Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan and Queens.”

Jimmy McMillan didn’t end up winning any elections, but he sure left his mark and has had quite the career gaining internet fame, going viral as a rapper and inspiring an SNL impersonation by Kenan Thompson. There was even a talking Jimmy McMillan action figure. He gained widespread attention during his 2010 bid to be New York Governor, when he made waves in a televised debate.

We’ll miss you, Jimmy. Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention.