RadPad goes around the world with the U.S. Army

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Meet Sam Nelson. Sam was one of the very first ‘RadReps’ in Washington, D.C. As a rep he was a local brand ambassador that helped spread the RadPad love in cities across the country.

Sam Joined RadPad in August 2013 and was an important part of our growth in the D.C. area over the past year. He helped organize dozens of local events while being an all-around great guy, team player…. and maintaining his important and awesome day job as a logistics officer with the U.S. Army (thank you).

A few months ago, Sam was deployed on a far away mission to central Africa to support an ongoing effort against terrorism in the region. His voyage to Africa took him to a number of exotic international locales and other Army facilities along the way.

In a note to RadPad he wrote, “I promised to send pictures, but knew they wouldn’t be the same without my RadPad glasses, so I decided to take them on a world tour on my way here!”

Follow his journey here:

Fort Bragg, NJ

Rota, Spain

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Catania, Sicily

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Camp Lemmonier, Djibouti and Entebbe, Uganda

From everyone here at RadPad, we thank Sam so much for his service to our Country and wish him a successful mission and safe trip home! 

PadMan OUT.