‘Word on the Street’ (our first 90)

Just under 100 days ago (October 1, 2012 to be exact) we quietly launched RadPad in our hometown of Los Angeles. I posted about RadPad on my Facebook page to all of my friends, as did Tim and Tyler.


And that’s it. That’s all we’ve done to promote RadPad. We haven’t spent a penny on any marketing or PR. 

Since October 1st our growth has been extraordinary; both in terms of the number of rental listings (pads) on RadPad and the weekly growth of our app downloads.

RadPad's first 90 days infographic

As you can nicely see (thanks to Tyler’s design skillz) over 18,100 pads have been listed on RadPad since we launched, accounting for more than 101,300 photos (or 5.6 photos/pad). That’s a ton of photo’s helping you better evaluate a potential pad.

What’s been truly impressive & humbling to us though is our week-over-week growth. All of it has come from YOU, telling your friends about RadPad who in turn also tell their friends. Our growth has been determined entirely by word of mouth. 

We also pay close attention to our daily iTunes app rating and the email feedback we get from all of you so that we know if we’re on the right path. If you’ve left us a review, thank you! If you haven’t, we’d love to know what you think so far

While we feel like we’re really just getting warmed up, we wanted to start 2013 by giving you an update on how we’re doing and thanking you for helping us grow RadPad.