Quick Tips to Prep Your Apartment for the Holidays

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The holidays are almost upon us and if you are having family or friends over for dinner or even a longer stay, the enormity of preparing for company might be weighing on you. We’ve got a simple checklist to help you break it down and get back to spending quality time with your loved ones in no time.



  • Borrow extra chairs or tables needed to host all of your invited guests (plus maybe a couple extra to be safe).
  • Make sure you have enough place settings and glasses.
  • Gather decorations for your table, entryway, tree or windows – anywhere a little sparkle might be enjoyed.
  • Create the perfect playlist to set just the right tone for your gathering.
  • Shop for groceries, toilet paper and cleaning supplies.
  • Clean out the refrigerator of leftover and expired items.



  • Declutter every space that will have guests in it (even your bedroom if that might be the space for coat storage).
  • Dust all surfaces (all the nooks and crannies!) and clean windows, mirrors and lamps.
  • Vacuum or sweep the floors and then mop, if needed.
  • Cook and store any make-ahead items.
  • Clean the stove, microwave and refrigerator surfaces.
  • Pop in a citrus peel or a cleaning pod in the garbage disposal.
  • Clean the bathroom(s) thoroughly, even the tub or shower.
  • If you will have overnight guests, make the bed with fresh sheets and set out towels.
  • Set out a rug by the front door if you will be expecting rain or snow.



This day is light as you’ll be welcoming guests and enjoying the party, yourself!

  • Give everything above a quick once-over to ensure everything is still spotless.
  • Clean the litterbox or take out the dog.
  • Even though you will likely be using your kitchen, keep it reasonably wiped down as you go.
  • Light candles and dim the lights.
  • Fluff couch pillows and drape that throw.
  • Set out a clean hand towel in the kitchen and bathroom.


While it might seem impossible to think about anything other than what is immediately ahead of you at this busy time of year, a bit of advance planning can save you valuable time at the 11th hour.


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