Building your trust

This week it came to our attention that a rental service in Los Angeles has been listing hundreds of rentals on RadPad in an effort to damage RadPad’s reputation by confusing you.

We heard from a lot of you guys that you’d seen certain apartments on RadPad and called the contact number only to be directed to their rental service whereby they’d attempt to force you to pay them a monthly fee in order to get more information on the apartment.

Not only does this violate multiple sections of our Terms of Service, which prohibits anyone from listing an apartment that they do not own or manage, but also grossly violates the trust that we’re working so hard to build with you, our customers.

RadPad is free and it will always be free to browse and contact properties. We will never charge you to find a great place to live.

We have worked very hard to create a more efficient, transparent, and safe way to find an awesome place to live. While we’re not even close to being done, we will defend what we’ve built and go after anyone who attempts to erode the trust we’re working to build with you.

If you come across a listing on RadPad that you feel is suspicious, isn’t represented accurately, or in someway violates our Terms of Service, you can always click the ‘Report this listing’ button and let us know. We check every single listing that is reported.

Thank you for helping us build a better way to rent. It’s your feedback and continued use of RadPad that’s helping us get better and better.

Most sincerely,

Jonathan Eppers
CEO & Founder, RadPad