Pro Tip: How to Make Your Apartment Cozy for Winter

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As the temperature dips, night falls earlier and the season for gathering with family and friends is upon us. A warm and cozy apartment can be just the thing to focus attention on warmth and connection.

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It’s the Softest Season

Of course, as it gets colder, the extra blankets come out. Why not add a little extra snug by incorporating throws, pillows and rugs made of felt, wool, faux fur and velvet in rich warm tones? Add these textures to your bed, couch, arm chair – even across a bench or side table. 

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Set the Mood

You don’t have to add new items to your space to warm it up. Simply adjusting the temperature of your lighting can drastically change the mood of a space. Transition your lighting from the vibrant colors of summer colors to warmer winter tones (learn how). This is also a great time to bring out the candles – a soft glow here or there can add the perfect touch. So can a fireplace – check out our guide to apartment-scale fireplaces here.



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Warming Rituals

As activity moves indoors for the season, enjoying a cup of tea or hot chocolate in the afternoon can be a treat to look forward to as well as adding a bit of warmth on a chilly day. Keep some on hand as a welcoming offering for visitors, as well.

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The Scents of the Season

The holidays are often associated with the smells of the various feasts of the season. You don’t need to be actively preparing a meal to enjoy this treat, however. A pot of water on the stove spiked with cinnamon sticks and cloves will not only infuse your home with a festive scent, it can also add humidity to that dry, winter air. Fresh pine boughs will add greenery and a fresh scent to your space for weeks if kept in water.


Relish the moods, rituals and scents of the season this year!


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