Have roommates? Pay with RadPad and pay your rent together!

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roommate_launchNot long after we released Pay with RadPad last October, allowing renters to easily pay rent to their landlord with a credit or debit card, we quickly got to work on Pay with RadPad Roommates.

A lot of us at RadPad have roommates and while using Pay with RadPad makes it incredibly easy and convenient to pay our own share of the rent, there just wasn’t an easy way for roommates to pay their rent together.

Well not anymore!

Pay with RadPad Roommates makes it really, really easy for renters who have roommates to pay their rent together, using their own credit or debit card.

So how does it work?

A roommate signs up and invites their other roommates to pay rent together: RadPad sends invites to each roommate, via text and email. The roommate receives the invite, accepts it and then enters in their credit or debit card. That’s it!

RadPad links the roommates rent together, giving each roommate the ability to see the other roommates payment status. This is where RadPad comes in and takes care of everything else.

More perks to Paying with Roommates:
  • Roommates can only see each others rent status, they can not make changes to their roommates payment type or due date.
  • RadPad hides each roommates personal payment information (like if a roommate is paying on a Credit or Debit card) and doesn’t allow a roommate to change another roommates due date (in case a roommate needs more time to pay their share of the rent).
  • When RadPad sends the rent payment to the landlord, the names of roommates who successfully paid on RadPad will be included with the payment so the landlord knows who the rent came from.
  • If a roommate moves or needs to stop paying rent with their roommates, RadPad make it easy for them to de-link their rent payments.
  • All roommates who pay on RadPad are protected by our Rent Guarantee.
What are you waiting for? Retire your checkbook forever, schedule your rent and start Paying with RadPad!


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