Pay your Rent with RadPad and Retire your Checkbook Forever

When we started RadPad last year we knew that some day we’d build a feature that would set us free of our checkbooks. There’s something that feels so inconvenient about writing a check and dropping it off every month just to pay the rent.

We realized that what we really wanted was a mobile option that enabled us to use our credit or debit cards to pay the rent; essentially the same way we pay for everything else in our lives.

After months of building this very feature, we’re excited to introduce you to Pay with RadPad – the most convenient, flexible and secure way to pay your rent every month. Your landlord doesn’t even have to use RadPad to Pay with RadPad. We do everything for you.

So how does Pay with RadPad work?

All it takes is about 90-seconds to set up your monthly rent payment from our website or mobile app.

Designed to be incredibly fast.
You can pay your rent no matter where you are or what you’re doing.


Credit & Debit.

Retire your checkbook because now you can pay your rent using your credit or debit card.


Your landlord doesn’t need to be on RadPad.

We take care of making sure your rent is paid on time, every time, even if your landlord is old school and only takes checks.


You’re always in control.
Make updates (or don’t) to your rent payment anytime you want.


And that’s it! RadPad pays your rent every single month.

While you’re out enjoying your life, you can always check to see the status of your rent. You’ll always know before you’re charged, when your rent is sent, when it’s been received and when your landlord has cashed your payment.

You can always change your payment details. You have complete control over all aspects of your rent payment and as you Pay with RadPad every month, you build a payment history that you’ll be show your future landlord on your next move.

So if you’re ready to retire your checkbook forever, Pay with RadPad and go back to living your life. Download RadPad for iPhone or head over to our website.