Got a Great Roomie? You’re Going to Want to Hug Him After This

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Most of us have had a roommate at one point in our lives -- some were angels, others, not so much. Every Friday the RadPad team shares their worst roommates stories and this week our Front End Engineer, Kin shares a few of his horror stories. Warning: You should probably go grab your roommate so you can read... read

Is Renting Like Dating?

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UH-OH. It’s the second week of February and you still don't have an apartment or a date. That’s OK—with the remaining time, a few swipes and reading the below, you can get yourself a place to lay your head and maybe a bedmate? Big revelation: Men and women are different. In order to preserve our sanity, the truth... read

Barbie’s Dream RadPads

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Last week, I learned Mattel launched the Barbie Fashionista line: a body-positive variety of dolls coming in new shapes (curvy, tall, and petite), fresh skin tones and flawless hairstyles. I couldn’t contain my excitement thinking about all the new adventures Barbie will have as she adopts the new looks, attitudes,... read

Roommate Horror Stories That Will Give You Nightmares

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We asked the RadPad team to share their worst roommates stories, and boyyy did they deliver. While most just complained about the usual messy slobs and last-of-the-milk drinkers, some people were actually living with real-life witches (seriously). From Tyler, our co-founder: In my second year of university, my... read

Are You Overspending on Rent? Here’s the Rule

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When you’re looking for a place to live, the most important and probably the most intimidating step is figuring out how much to spend on rent. Here’s a rule of thumb: Thou shalt not commit more than 30 percent of thine income to housing. In other words, do not spend more than 30% of your paycheck on rent. This seems... read

Wait, they roomed together? Surprising celeb duos who once lived together

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What if your roommate was a future Oscar winner? You would probably think twice about pissing them off with passive-aggressive notes, obviously! Long before they were stars, and before the multi-million dollar paychecks and enormous homes, some of today's hottest celebrities lived a lot like us. Life as a struggling... read

The Rent Is Too Damn Oh Forget It: Jimmy McMillan Quits Politics

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Jimmy McMillan, the animated and eccentric New Yorker who came to national prominence as a long-shot candidate for governor in 2010 by declaring the “rent is too damn high,” announced this week that he is leaving politics. However, he still believes that the rent is too damn high (so do we, look at the numbers we... read