Money Saving Kitchen Essentials

Lets talk about the room in your place where all the magic happens – the kitchen! Often times, kitchens come with tons of great storage. However, filling all those drawers and cabinets with useful kitchen necessities can be a daunting and expensive task. We’re going to help you the minimize the cost for purchasing great pots, pans, glasses and place settings to make sure you’ve got what you need when it comes to cooking and serving a great meal.

Before you set out on your trip to pick up supplies, check with your family and friends to see if they have useful kitchen items that they don’t need anymore. This is especially the case if you have friends who just moved in together (it may mean they have doubles of everything and would be happy to have you take some stuff off their hands). This will save you money and you may get some great stuff – if its not so great, you can at least use it temporarily.

If you do need to go shopping, we have curated a few items in each category that have been put through the ringer by a member of the RadPad team. Each should function just fine whether you are making Pop-Tarts for yourself or a seven course meal for a group of friends.

Glass Ware

Juice/Water glasses

Obviously we all need glasses for water, juice, milk and of course cocktails. Here are a few simple, affordable glasses that should fit in with most decor.


Godis from Ikea ($7.99 for a 6 pack)

Marta Barware from CB2 ($1.50 – $2.50 each)


After a long day at the office, sometimes you just need a glass of wine to relax. Heck, sometimes you  might even want to celebrate with champagne or a mimosa. Check out these inexpensive options that will meet your needs, no matter what the occasion.


Simplicity Flute from CB2 ($3.50 each)

Svalka from Ikea ($4.79 for a 6 pack)

Coffee & Tea

Time to wake up and get your day started! We’ve lined up a great space-saving set plus some giant mugs incase you need the extra kick of caffeine to get your day started.


Stacking Mugs from World Market ($12.99 for a set of 6)

365 Mug from Ikea ($2.99 each)


You gotta eat, right? Plates are obviously pretty essential. Here are a few simple, inexpensive sets to get you started. Feel free to mix and match colors and styles (each of these dinner plate sets come in multiple colors and have matching salad plates available).


Dinera Plates from Ikea ($12.99 for a set of 4)

Threshold Dinner Plates from Target ($19.99 for a set of 4)

Pots & Pans

Fire up the stove and make something delicious! Non-stick cookware is the way to go – especially if you don’t have a dishwasher. It helps to make cleanup a snap. 

imageT-fal Simply Clean from Target ($79.99 for a 12 piece set)

Cuisinart Advantage from Best Buy ($99.99 for an 11 piece set)

Food/Leftover Storage

Since no one really sees your Tupperware (or less expensive versions of Tupperware), we’ve just got one set we are featuring. Its only $4.99, is dishwasher and microwave safe, and its cool if you break them because… well, its only $4.99 for the set. You should probably just go buy it already.


Pruta Food Storage from Ikea ($4.99 for 17 container set)


One of the things you probably don’t want to get too cheap on is utensil sets. You don’t want forks and knives that bend when you use them or rust when you wash them, so avoid the cheapest sets you can find. 


Oneida Metra Set from Target ($36.99 for a 20 piece set)

Sviet Flatware from Ikea ($39.99 for a 20 piece set)

Combo Packs

A quick and easy way to get most of your kitchen needs taken care of is to buy “starter sets” or “combo packs.” Most major retailers will have these including department stores, wholesale clubs, superstores (Target and Walmart) plus speciality stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond (20% off coupons, anyone?). Below you will find a couple of starter sets that get the job done with a little bit of style.


Dinera Dinner Set from Ikea ($29.99 for an 18 piece set)

Various Starter Sets from CB2 ($88.05 – $99.85 for 38 piece sets)



Hampton Kitchen Starter Set from Amazon ($38.00 for a 52 piece set)