Maximize Your Studio Apartment

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Studio apartments are a great way to get the home of your dreams within a reasonable budget in your ideal building or neighborhood. It  can be challenging, though, to fit all functions of your daily life into one spot. It might not be what you’re used to, but creative design and clever functionality can make a space feel like this home with just a little forethought.

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Who Needs to Sleep?

We all do, and we should have a space that is comfortable and relaxing! Unfortunately in this case, a bed can take up a lot of precious real estate. Be conscious of your sleeping space so you can expand your main living area. This will make both you and your guests feel like you’ve got some room to spread out and very might well end up being the size of a standard living room. (And, speaking of beds, check out our tips on hiding that during the day!) 

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While it might not help with noise, a room divider can go a long way to form individual rooms in an otherwise single-room apartment. A room divider can also add texture and color to your space. If you want to mix it up, fold and stow it away to open up the room. Another option is draping a  floor-to-ceiling curtain from the ceiling for a more dramatic look. Furniture such as a console, bookshelf, or a desk can offer valuable storage space without compromising natural light.

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Are You Seeing Things?

If you don’t want to invest in new furniture, simply adding an accent wall with a different paint color or wallpaper behind your bed can create the effect of an entirely new room. If your walls are white, a medium gray is a great neutral tone that focuses the eye on the elements in front of the wall. But even a fun splash of color will do the trick. A large area rug does the same thing over wood or other non-carpeted floors.

Maximize Your Studio Apartment

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Right-Size It

Furnishing a smaller space with properly sized furniture will likely go unnoticed by most. A shallow sofa and shelving can add critical square inches to a living area. A round dining and coffee table allow for easier maneuvering around tight spaces. Subtle lamps, chairs, and décor can all help make space more manageable. If you find yourself renting a studio and fall in love with a grand statement piece- don’t panic! You can make it work, it will just take using these tips and your own touch of creativity.

You don’t need to feel limited with a smaller space. These tips will give you the freedom to follow your inspiration and make your studio feel like home!


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