MasterCard is now offering RadPad renters the lowest credit card rate in the entire world!

RadPad MasterCard partnership

Ok the secret’s out. Our buddies at MasterCard have partnered with us to give RadPad renters the lowest credit card rate in the entire industry for paying rent. That’s right. You won’t find a lower rate, anywhere. We know. We’ve already scoured the internet for you!

Just in time to pay for February’s rent, our new rate decrease for MasterCard credit cards will go in effect on February 1st. This means it’ll cost you just 1.99% to pay your rent with any MasterCard credit card using Pay with RadPad, which will save the average renter just over $275 a year! Wow!

On the flip side, if you still want to use plastic to pay the rent but don’t want to pay to use your credit card, using any MasterCard or Visa debit card is still 100% free on RadPad. It’s unconditionally, no-strings-attached FREE to pay your rent to any landlord with a MasterCard or Visa debit card on RadPad.

So what are you waiting for? Renters from all 50 states, including renters in Alaska and Hawaii are already paying their rent on RadPad. Why aren’t you?

Schedule your rent online in less than 90 seconds right here.