Life Hack: How to Best Store Your Stuff

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First and foremost, as Marie Kondo would tell you, living simply, with less stuff can contribute to a low-stress life. Regular decluttering is always a good idea and buying stuff to hold your stuff might sound ridiculous. However, even Kondo knows there are inevitably things you will need to hang on to, but don’t want to deal with on a regular basis. We’re here to tell you there is more to storage than meets the eye. Don’t limit yourself to the typical cardboard box stuffed into a corner.

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What Should Go In Storage

The first question that needs to be answered is what goes to storage? On the one hand, there are items you might need on a daily basis such as keys, purses, shoes or backpacks that need to remain close, but those can quickly create  clutter. Then there are items you might need seasonally, such as clothing, extra place settings, luggage or holiday decorations. Lastly, there are those items you aren’t ready to part with, but don’t need a place your everyday life such as family heirlooms, financial papers or childhood memorabilia.


Part of the Décor

For that first category, the key is to keep daily items accessible, but hidden. An entryway can include a shelf with baskets that look more like décor than a  place of storage. Another trick is to choose a stylish tray or bowl for grab-and-go items like keys or mail. In the living room, a large basket, antique milk carton container or other utilitarian but fun piece can be used to store throws, toys or TV remotes. 


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It’s the Little Things

What about items like nails and screws, toiletries, batteries or cleaning supplies – all of those small items you need around but can easily get jumbled? Stackable bins with small compartments make sorting and accessing a breeze. They are even great when you need to move – just pick it up and carry it right out. For items that can fit in a drawer, a drawer organizer or set of shallow containers will create welcome order out of chaos.

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Deep Storage

For those items you don’t need to see much of but you still want to hang on to, a plastic storage bin is a great lightweight option for keeping things free of dust and bugs and, when not in use, nest perfectly for compact storage of their own. If you are storing items such as photographs, videotape, old books or other fragile items, acid-free or acid-neutral containers will prevent yellowing, disintegration and moisture retention. 


The next time you are moving or organizing , first consider if you actually need it and then remember these tips to free up time, space, and dollars. Though it can be a long process, the satisfaction of a clean and organized apartment makes it so worth it in the end!


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