Let the Sun Shine – Solar Living in an Apartment

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Live in an apartment and think you can’t go solar? Think again! While you may not have the ability to install solar panels on your roof or property, there are several ways to harness the free energy of the sun to power your life.

Have the Discussion

Some landlords might actually want to consider using solar, but are not aware of  the costs and benefits involved. You might be able to do a little research, put together a proposal, bring it to them and actually make this happen for your building.

If that isn’t successful or isn’t feasible, there are still options for you on your own.

Start Small

Any small device that you charge regularly can be charged with a solar charger instead of the electricity outlet in your home. There are now dozens, if not hundreds, of solar chargers on the market, all of them at a very reasonable price point. Just set them in a sunny place and let them soak up energy. You can power your phone, tablet, reading light, speaker – any small chargeable device. You can also take the solar charger on the road for a power boost anywhere on the planet, urban or rural, as long as there is sunshine!

(Picture: Yanko Design)

A Small Array

You can actually get a small residential solar panel to set up on a deck, patio or windowsill that doesn’t need to be permanently installed. This requires a bit more installation than the “plug and play” option described above, costs more, and will also require an inverter and a battery, but will harness quite a bit more juice. And, since apartments generally use a small amount of electricity (compared to a house), one of these can likely power all of your gadgets, every day. This is also a great option for gaining peace of mind as a backup power option in case of an emergency.


Neither of these solutions will power all of your electricity needs due to space constraints and the inability to tie into the building’s electricity, however, they will definitely reduce your environmental footprint. Never a bad place to start!


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