RadPad makes renting a social experience

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RadPad has long been a more friendly, social way to hunt for apartments. Connect your Facebook or LinkedIn and easily see who in your network is also looking for new digs. Today, we’re taking that a step further with two new introductions to RadPad:

Use your connections to get a recommendation with the lister:

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Now you can find out if any of your buds has an “in” with the landlord of that new pad you have your eye on. Not only can you use this as an intro with Alexander (“I see you know Jeremy!”), but you can check with Jeremy to see if Alexander is a cool, lets-you-Netflix-with-surround-sound kinda landlord.

So why did we add this? When the popular-kid pads show up on RadPad, they can get a lot of attention. Even with a sparkling credit report and background check, it can be hard to stand out.

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But say you see that your friend Ashley from freshman year English Lit class is Facebook friends with Joe the landlord. Now you can ask Ashley to put in a good word with Joe, which helps bump you to the top of Joe’s list. Boom. You just landed a killer new place. (Thanks Ashley.)

Find out what buds are also stocking up on moving boxes:

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The second update to listings lets you see which of your Facebook or LinkedIn connections are also into the awesome place you just found. Remember Ashley? Maybe you’ll see that Ashley is also interested in that stunning two-bedroom house just blocks from Santa Monica pier. You shoot Ashley a text about the listing and the next thing you know, you have a new roomie and a killer walk-in closet.

But don’t worry – we know how to keep secrets:

We know that some things you share with RadPad aren’t things you want all your Facebook friends to know. (Like that guy you met at a dive bar one time six years ago, or your best friend’s grandmother.) RadPad will never share personal information like income, rent payment amount, credit score or background check info with anyone other than landlords who have been verified by us. So your friends will never know that you’re secretly a billionaire.

To check out what pads friends are into, log in to RadPad and connect your profile to Facebook or LinkedIn. (Android users, we’re comin’ for you soon.)

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