Is the Penthouse Really the Best?

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Apartment hunting and think penthouse living is where it’s at? Maybe the floor you would live on hasn’t really been a significant factor in your search. We’ve got pluses and minuses to living on top you might want to consider before moving in.


      • Nothing Underfoot
        Living on a building’s topmost floor will eliminate noise from feet, chairs scraping across the floor, kids running around, dogs romping or dropped items– if noise is an annoyance for you, this might be a critical item for the “Pro” column.
      • Clear Skies Ahead
        Or cloudy, or stormy or foggy… depending on how tall the building is, you might be closer to nature and able to witness some pretty stellar weather and expansive views from up above.
      • Away From It All
        The further you get from the street, the less noise you’ll hear from vehicles and pedestrians.
      • More Secure
        Generally, the further you are from the ground floor, the less likely you are exposed to break-ins.
      • Bye Bye Bugs
        It’s no fun to think about bugs getting into your home, but it happens. And, it’s generally likelier to happen the closer to ground level you get – distance and gravity make it challenging for pests to travel far.


    • It’ll Cost You
      Typically, apartments with more desirable views will fetch more in rent. A good middle of the road option might be to settle for a slightly lower floor overlooking the same vistas.
    • Heat Rises
      In the summer, there will be no cool first floor or basement to escape to as the temperatures rise the higher you go. (This could also move to the Pro column, however, in the winter, for those living in cold climates.)
    • Walk Up?
      If you are looking at a building with no elevator, getting to a top floor is exactly as easy as your physical fitness – great if you want to build in a free workout, but maybe not on days you are in a rush or honestly, just plain tired. Consider, also, making that same trek with groceries or children in tow.
    • Emergency Evacuation
      Ideally, you’ll never have to encounter this, but if there is a building emergency and you are forced to evacuate a high-rise using the stairs, this might not be something you are comfortable with.
    • Nothing But Air
      If you’ve got that coveted penthouse apartment with all the views, just be aware you might also be the one dealing with a leaky roof someday, not at your expense, but certainly at your annoyance.
    • Glass Houses
      Giving up a ground-level apartment might also mean forgoing direct and private access to a backyard or courtyard which might be an attractive feature for pets, children and even yourself to visit after a long day.

Much like Goldilocks, you should investigate each option to find the best fit for your lifestyle and for the specific building, neighborhood and city you are considering.


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