Is Renting Like Dating?

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UH-OH. It’s the second week of February and you still don’t have an apartment or a date. That’s OK—with the remaining time, a few swipes and reading the below, you can get yourself a place to lay your head and maybe a bedmate?

Big revelation: Men and women are different. In order to preserve our sanity, the truth is– women are notoriously complex creatures, and understanding the male species is actually pretty simple.

Us women are more picky and are on the hunt for Mr. Right versus Mr. Right Now. While science (and mom) tells us this may not be the best approach, it’s generally accepted as  being true based on certain biological and sociological traits. But does the same stereotype hold true when finding the right apartment?


Do you look for something very specific that fits your criteria: 2 rooms, 1 bathroom and parking space, no gardens because you hate gardening and has to be low maintenance? Does it have to be well presented, eye-catching and attractive with just that hint of class? Perhaps a good-looking kitchen draws your attention or that hint of a good sized surprise down stairs.

With the same ‘mobile swiping’ disrupting both the online dating and apartment search spaces, RadPad decided to find out if these gender stereotypes hold true when searching for a new partner or pad!

We asked 20,000+ millennial renters (a near equal amount of men and women) a series of questions on when they’d like to move into their next apartment, how long they’re looking to stay with their next pad and if they’re currently living with a partner. Here’s a look at some of the results.

Renting is a casual fling

The average woman will kiss 15 men and be heartbroken twice before meeting ‘The One’, a study reveals. And when asked about their timeframe for finding an apartment, more than 45% of women surveyed said they’ll move into an apartment when they find the “right one.”

Perhaps surprisingly, this was the top answer for both men and women, although a slightly less number of men (42%) are looking for Mrs. Right Apartment.

Men were also more likely to say they were casually looking for an apartment (30%) versus women (27%) who had a more serious approach.

In comparison, men face being stood up twice and having six one night stands before they meet their ideal partner.

When it came to the length of time renter’s plan to rest their heads in their next pad, both men and women are looking much more near-term rather than long-term. Nearly 49% of men and 43% of women are only looking to live in their next rental apartment for one year. While men skewed higher in looking for a short-term pad ‘fling’,  women (25%) were most likely to say they planned to live in their next apartment for three years.

It’s also worth noting that millennial renters don’t appear to be in a hurry to leave renting for home ownership. While millennial renters appear happy with renting year-to-year with their pads, 54% plan to be in their next rented apartment for up to two years – delaying any plans for home ownership.

But still, there is the commitment issue.

The most surprising results from the data? Our final question asked a near equal number of men and women if they lived alone, with a partner, or with a roommate (non-partner). We found that there is a surprising amount of coupling happening across America. Maybe driven by skyrocketing rent costs as millennials attempt to move out from home?

Over 40% of combined men and women respondents said they are currently renting an apartment with a married or unmarried partner (we didn’t define one or the other). Women were a bit more likely to be living with a partner (42%) versus men (37%). Men, on the other hand, were more likely to be living alone (39%), versus 37% of women.

A study by PEW last year pointed to more millennial renters doubling up with a roommate or roommates that was not their partner. In the first four months of 2015, PEW found 48% of Millennials were doubled-up. This has actually increased as we’ve recovered from the recession as the number as at 47% in 2010. However, we found that only 21% of respondents were choosing to live with a roommate that was a non-partner.

Maybe for Valentine’s Day this Weekend you can find a lover and a lease!?

Q1) When are you looking to move into your next apartment rental? Men Women Total
A) Right Now (%) 27.54% 26.92% 27.15%
B) Casually looking (%) 30.22% 27.56% 28.55%
C) When they find the right one (%) 42.24% 45.52% 44.30%
Q2) How long will you be looking to rent your next place for?
A) 1 Year (%) 48.50% 43.82% 45.56%
B) 2 Year (%) 29.62% 30.68% 30.29%
B) 3 Year or More (%) 21.88% 25.50% 24.16%
Q3) Are you currently living with a roommate or partner?
A) No Roommate (%) 39.87% 37.27% 38.22%
B) With Roommate – Non Partner (%) 22.86% 20.00% 21.04%
C) With Partner (%) 37.28% 42.74% 40.74%



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