Introducing RadPad for Android

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RadPad for AndroidIt’s finally here! We’re proud to announce that RadPad for Android is live in the Google Play store.

We’ve gotten thousands of requests for an Android app, and we’re incredibly excited to bring a native version of RadPad to the Play Store.

We believe in building experiences that feel comfortable on each platform, and Android is no exception. It was very important to us that we designed RadPad for the uniqueness of Android and yet made sure it still felt familiar to those who use our web and iPhone products.

We did tons of research and played with our favorite Android apps to come up with a design we think gives Android their very own experience. A lot of time was spent making sure RadPad looks and works well on multiple phones and devices.

While we’re extremely pleased to bring RadPad to Android, we still have a lot of work to do and can’t wait to release more features in the coming weeks and months. Smile

You can check out RadPad for Android right here.

If you have any feedback or thoughts you’d like to share with us, we’re always listening. You can email us or tweet us, 24/7.

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