Introducing Find a Pad for the desktop

A few short months ago we built the easiest way to find an awesome pad from the palm of your hand.

We literally had no money to spend on marketing, and, thanks to you, thousands have downloaded the app and then shared RadPad with friends.

After hundreds of hours of design (dozens of internal revisions and concepts) and months of development, we are incredibly excited to show you RadPad for the web.

There were a number of technical hurdles we had to deal with. Geolocation, to name one, is built into the native iOS framework and to replicate that experience on the web was a challenge.

Your RadPad experience should be delightful, no matter what platform you’re using. The web isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so we’ve worked day and night on something that could match the quality and love we put into our mobile app.

The City Is Yours

Just tell us where you want to live and RadPad will show you the coolest pads nearby.


Get All The Right Details

There’s nothing more annoying than not getting the full picture of a pad. Everything you need – bigger photos and more details about the pad- is no more than a click away.


Looking Forward

The cool thing about being a team of six folks locked in an air conditioned room with lot’s of sugar-free Red Bull a block from Venice Beach is that we can iterate and build things for you very quickly. And we will be rolling our new stuff every day, every week.

In the meantime, we’d love your feedback. What you like/don’t like/want more of – you name it; we’re reading and listening. Tweet us, hit us up on Facebook, or email the team @ [email protected]