Introducing ‘Ask RadPad’

We’re really proud to announce the release of ‘Ask RadPad‘ a new area of RadPad that will help renters get answers to those really tough questions that come up when renting.


Renters often email or tweet us asking for help getting answers to some really interesting questions. Questions like:

Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming trying to keep up and answer our customers’ questions so we came up with ‘Ask RadPad’ as a way to share all this content and hopefully help other renters asking themselves the same questions.

We’ve put together a really talented team (landlords, lawyers, government officials, bloggers) helping us answer questions, which we’ll be posting every week on the official ‘Ask RadPad’ site.

To check out ‘Ask RadPad’ and see if a question you have was answered, or to submit us a question you have but we haven’t answered, head over to: