How to Stay Friends While Moving

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Moving is stressful. Even if you’ve already got a roommate situation that totally works, moving can bring some intense relationship issues and situations.

So, if you find yourself in the market for a new place with a roommate or significant other, you want to be sure that you’re not risking your happiness. Since we’ve helped a lot of people find their dream apartment, we’ve witnessed a lot of moves. That’s why we’d like to share five important topics to discuss with your roomie before you make the move together.

  1. Talk About the Benjamins: Before you find your new digs, get money matters out of the way as soon as you can. Figure out how you’ll pay for the move and split the bills. Will you use one truck to move both of you, or will you pay separately? If only one of you will be listed on the lease, agree on how you’ll divvy up expenses— including items you may realize you need after moving (for example, cleaning supplies). Who will pay the security deposit? Will your landlord accept two separate payments? (If not, you and your roommate can use our app to split rent and send one check to your landlord.) Nobody likes talking about spending their hard-earned money, but you know what’s worse? Eviction notices.
  2. Assess the Storage Situation: Before you move, have a good idea of what you need and what you have. This is especially handy if you’re downsizing from a house to an apartment, for example. While you’re touring new places, ask if there’s additional storage space available or if there are storage companies in the area. It’s all fun and games until someone is forced to part with their comfiest armchair.
  3. Consider Your Commutes: Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure your new location works for both your daily commutes. If your travel time is cut in half, but your roommate’s commute doubles, it might be best to keep looking. Even if they say a longer commute is okay, the resentment may come after the first traffic jam. Just because the commute seems to work in terms of miles, it may not work in terms of minutes, especially during rush hour. Clock it out and go for a test run to give yourself an accurate estimate, or at the very least, check the drive time during rush hour on a real-time app like Waze. (Don’t forget to check in both directions!)
  4. Discuss Parking Options: Your new place may have two bathrooms, two bedrooms, and two work spaces, but what happens if you only have one parking spot? Before you move, talk about parking options to make sure you have a solution that works for everyone. Perhaps you alternate days to park in your designated spot or deduct rent for whoever agrees to look for alternate parking. Whatever you choose, it’s best to know your game plan before you move in.
  5. Lay Out the House Rules: One of the best perks of adulthood is that you get to make your own rules, but that doesn’t mean that your once-a-week apartment cleaning is going to fly with your roommate. Keep your relationship solid and lay out some house rules. Some topics to consider discussing: pets, a cleaning schedule, house guests, parties, emergency plans, etc. Moving becomes SO much easier when you know you’re in agreement about not wanting a ferret or a weekly cleaning service. (Note: all non-fun discussions are better when food and beverages are involved.)

Now that you have all of our keys to moving success, keep in mind the major theme: communication is key. If you’re lucky enough to have found a living situation that works for you and your roomie, you’re already farther than most. Now, you just need to make sure you’re on the same page about all of the scenarios that may be thrown your way.

Your first order of business is finding a place you both love, which you can do with our easy-to-use listings right here on RadPad. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, be sure to use our above tips as a reference for a smooth move.

For an even easier transition, download our handy Moving Checklist for moving tips, scheduling reminders and more!



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