How To Know When To Move

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Feeling a little antsy lately, but don’t know why? Maybe it’s time to move. Moving can be a bit of a hassle, but could also be exactly what you need to feel more at home once again. Below are the most common and perfectly sound reasons people move – perhaps they can aid you in your decision-making process.

Room to Grow

Have too much stuff that you don’t wish to part with? Starting a new business out of your home? Maybe your family is growing or it turns out more friends are staying over in your posh digs. In any case, your apartment may not be able to hold it all and it’s time to size up. In this case, don’t overlook an easy solution of moving to a larger apartment in the same building – if you like the location but just need another room or two, this might be a welcome and more manageable remedy.

Movin’ On Up

Has your income changed and you’re ready to set aside more each month for rent? Maybe you’ve got your eye on a larger pad for family and guests, a nicer neighborhood or better amenities such as a pool, a modern kitchen, a walk-in closet, and a yard. Perhaps you’re looking for an overall upgrade for all of a building’s finishes for a more stylish home environment. Whatever the reason, if your circumstances have changed and you can afford it, might be time to move up! 

Time to Downsize

Maybe your children have finally moved on to college or you’re recently separated and your previously right-sized apartment is now cavernous.Maybe you’ve been laid off or have met other financial challenges. Downsizing your home can save a substantial amount on rent, but also on ancillary expenses such as utilities and cleaning. It could bring you the peace of mind you need to transition to a new phase in life.

Road Rage

Perhaps the strain of a long commute and rush-hour headache has finally gotten to be too much. Whether it’s driving to a job, to the place you end up spending much of off-hours time, or the part of town where your children’s school is located, too much time in the car can subtract valuable minutes or hours from your day while also adding serious stress to your life. It might seem trivial at first, but many relocate to reduce road time and related expenses.

Fed Up

Unfortunately, even if the apartment itself is impeccable, it’s not uncommon for people to move due to a poorly managed building, an unwelcoming neighbor or a disruptive or unsafe neighborhood. Most of  these issues are unlikely to be solved even with the best intentions. The solution might simply be to remove yourself from the situation.


Finally, all of the above might be perfect, but maybe your space is filled with memories of people or times long past or a rough time in your life and you need a fresh start. While it might be convenient in some ways to stay, the tug on your unconscious mind might really be holding you back and a move will free you to welcome new people and situations in to your life.


Whatever your reason, your new home is out there and we are here to help you navigate the process.


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