How to Fill Up That Grand New Dining Room

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Got an apartment upgrade with more space and new rooms, including a dining room? Even if you’ve got a table and chairs (many of us don’t, as our kitchen islands serve as ample gathering and dining space), you might be perplexed with how to fill in the rest of that formal room. Often located in the interior, the dining room might not have expansive views as a focal point. Friends and family sharing a meal will surely be yours here, but we’ve got some tips for adding just the right amount of ambiance to make your meals cozy, special and ones you might wish to linger over.

Cocktails, Anyone?

The bar cart has definitely seen a resurgence lately, harkening back to the days of classic cocktail culture. Ornate brass and glass carts that can be wheeled directly to your guests are definitely festive and perhaps the perfect accompaniment to a room dedicated to socializing. You can make a “cart” out of any side table by dressing it up even just a decanter, a couple of vintage glasses and a cocktail recipe book.

A Hint of a Solarium

Another striking way to add vibrancy and life to a room is to add greenery. Perhaps this room might be where you go big – a large corner showpiece, a collection of miniature succulents or even a hydroponic garden where you can pluck a bit of basil for your salad will sure to be a conversation starter. They key is to offer the plants as a welcoming part of the décor, not leftovers that didn’t fit elsewhere.


A common piece of furniture that perhaps only makes sense in the dining room is the buffet. This is usually a low cabinet that is encompasses form and function by proving storage for extra place settings, linens and holiday tableware while also presenting an opportunity to be a truly custom piece of art.


While also a great feature of a living room, a bookshelf can add a cozy factor to a dining from while also perhaps inspiring conversation around intriguing titles or childhood favorites. If you are able, a floor-to-ceiling system will provide a one-of-a-kind accent wall. Other items can also be interspersed in between books – vases, art pieces, family photos or anything that might be interesting to encounter in between bites.


Surely music will be a welcome accompaniment to any meal. If your main house system isn’t easily accessible, perhaps at Bluetooth speaker, at least. is warranted. Even better, what about a turntable and collection of your favorite vinyl? 

These are just a few ideas for finishing up your dining room décor, but the theme here, really, is to provide fun vignettes for visitors to enjoy while not cluttering the space – the possibilities are unlimited! 


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