How to Buy and Pay for Renter’s Insurance

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There’s nothing like moving into a new apartment—once it’s done and you’re settled in.

But until then, the process of renting a new apartment has a plethora of moving parts – you need to vet the neighborhood, use an apartment locator to find the space itself, maybe shift money around to cover the cost, and of course, go through the actual physical act of moving everything you own. While it’s exciting to visualize painting those accent walls and meeting your (hopefully cool) neighbors, renting and moving into a new place can be a tad stressful.

And with all that going on, it’s hard to prioritize and remember to set up your renter’s insurance. After all, you can do that once you’ve rearranged your furniture five times and wall-anchored the TV, right?

Actually – wrong! Did you know that in some states, like Texas, you may need to show proof of renter’s insurance to your property management company just to get the keys to your new place? Showing a record of at least $100,000 of renter’s insurance is actually a requirement for many buildings prior to you putting your sofa in their service elevator.

The exact policy and amount of required insurance varies by area and by building, but you don’t want to be standing outside your new address, a stuffed-to-the-gills moving truck behind you, unable to get in because you didn’t even know to put “get renter’s insurance” on your moving to-do list.

So, what IS renter’s insurance? Well, it’s your safety net in the aftermath of some pretty gnarly scenarios. There are a variety of different types of residential and rental insurance, and to help you sort through those options, you can read about them here. (link to blog post “Types of Residential Insurance”).

OK, OK, you get it, you need to have renter’s insurance locked in to complete the move.

Now – how do you actually go about buying it?

Well, you can use an insurance agent. The pros of this method are clear: it’s a personal service, you can ask as many questions tailored to your specific situation as you want, and you can have the agent run through a variety of options for you right there, in the flesh.

On the con side of using an agent, however, you may have to go and physically visit them, and there is a decent chance that they may upsell or pressure you into other services that you don’t need at this point in your life.

If that doesn’t sound like your style, comparing and contrasting different insurance websites is another way to investigate options (bonus: you can do it at home in your pajamas!). The benefits of this approach include being able to see a variety of services and pricing to see which one best suits your needs and budget. The cons are…the same. It’s time-consuming and can be confusing to go from site to site, searching for the best rates and plans.

A third method would be to use RadPad, which makes the process a snap. For a flat fee starting at $19.99 a month, RadPad can offer $100,000 of tenant liability coverage and $10,000 of replacement coverage for the contents of your home. For the price of four coffees, you can sleep easy (and hey, maybe need less coffee!) knowing that you will be able to replace your belongings or cover yourself in the event of a lawsuit. Plus, it’s as simple as using their app or website!

For some renters, having this essential item checked off in one app may be the simplest and easiest solution to getting their renter’s insurance covered prior to the Big Move.

After all, you’re going to spend money moving all your stuff to your new space, you might as well make sure that it’s protected in case of something that can be even worse than moving – theft, a natural disaster, or a lawsuit, to name a few.

Sorting through all the information out there before you get your keys can be the hardest part – and if you want to outsource that part of moving, then the RadPad app can help.

In fact, RadPad tries to help you be prepared for anything that life can throw your way—at least when it comes to apartment hunting and apartment living. RadPad can’t deal with your mom’s calls about your cousin with the ah-mazing career and an upcoming wedding, but hey–the app means at least one thing in your life will be easier.

Make that two things, actually. If you’re even thinking about a new place, be sure to download our Checklist to Simplify Your Move. No move is stress-free but this handy guide will help you pull everything together with time to spare. Happy moving!

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