How to Be A Good Neighbor While Socially Distancing

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Whether you’ve just moved in or you’re well-established in a community, this period of social isolation might be an especially good time to offer extra kindness to your neighbors. We are all lonely and cut off from the rest of the world right now and a sense of connection is maybe more important than ever. We’ve gathered some of our favorite thoughtful actions we’ve seen in recent weeks.


  • Leave cheerfully painted rocks in a park for people to discover while out walking.
  • Hire a brass band to serenade from the street in honor someone who’s passed.
  • Set up a box or shelf for food and other essentials for people unable to make it to the store and for others to contribute to.
  • Put up Christmas light decorations to offer a little cheer after dark.
  • Display a teddy bear in a window for those playing the newly-invented teddy bear scavenger hunt game.
  • Offer toilet paper, gift cards or food to delivery drivers.
  • Write an inspiring message on a sidewalk in chalk.
  • Have your children make get-well cards for neighbors who are ill.
  • Make or purchase face masks and shields for those you know don’t have them.
  • Call to check in on a neighbor you know lives alone.
  • Play an instrument on your porch.
  • Drop off a needed item outside a neighbor’s door.
  • Sing “Happy Birthday” to a celebrating neighbor from your window.
  • Hang up a banner to welcome a newborn baby coming home from the hospital.
  • Install lawn signs with words of thanks for essential workers.

A simple gesture that might not take much on your part can go a long way to lifting low spirits and remind us that we’re all in this together. We know there’s so much more out there – share your ideas or acts of kindness you’ve witnessed on our Facebook page!

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