Hot Hacks for Cool Apartment Living

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As we write this, much of the United States is recovering from an extreme heat wave so we thought we’d offer some tips for cool living. In some parts of the country, air conditioning isn’t standard due to average temperatures in the warmer months being low enough to not make it a necessity. However, in times of extreme heat, or even just to cut down on costs, there are still tried and true hacks to get temperatures down.

Gotta Wear Shades

Direct sunlight adds significant heat to indoor temperatures, so ensuring that windows are covered with shades or canopies will go a long way.

When the day has cooled off and the sun has gone down, open a window or door and set up a fan to get air circulating throughout the room.

Almost as Good As A/C

In dry climates, soaking fabric in water and hanging it up by a fan or open window is a technique that’s been around much longer than electricity. 

Another great trick to cool down a small area is to place a fan behind a bowl of ice water. Wherever the fan’s breezes reach will instantly be blasted with icy cold air. This is great by a bed or other stationary spot.

Hot Hacks for Cool Apartment Living

Cold Heads Prevail

A cooling remedy for those hot summer nights is to put your pillowcase in the freezer (wrapped in plastic or other covering to avoid condensation). At bedtime, recover your pillow and drift off blissfully. Bags of rice or cold packs work as well.

In the same vein, a hot water bottle filled and placed in the freezer is a welcome addition under the sheets at bedtime.

Let the Weave Breathe

Bed sheets and clothing should be cotton, linen or other blend of natural fibers that breathe, whenever possible. These fabrics allow your body heat to escape, keeping you as comfortable as possible.

A Bright Idea

All light bulbs emit some amount of heat, so the more lights you can turn off the better. When you do need illumination, use energy-efficient bulbs to keep the emitted heat as low as possible. 

Other appliances can also give off heat, so unplug anything you can live without, especially the oven, dryer, and televisions.

Hot Hacks for Cool Apartment Living

These tips and tricks will help you beat this summer heat and keep that money in your wallet.


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