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Is it your first holiday season in a new apartment? Are you excited to add a little sparkle and warmth but unsure how to tackle a smaller space? Holiday decorations can quickly clutter up a smaller space, but we’ve got a Santa’s-pack-sized collection of inspiration for you. Consider these novel ideas for adding the right amount of holiday cheer for your space!

A mini tree can be just as festive as a full-sized tree, either on the floor or on a table – especially decked out with presents underneath! If you don’t have an abundance of space in the living room, consider putting the tree in the dining room.

If there is still no room for a tree, but you have a fireplace mantle, pine boughs and a festive holiday vignette will definitely set the mood – and there is plenty of room for the presents next to Santa’s “front door.” Evergreen branches in bunches or in individual glass vases are a simple, yet chic option. Bookshelves, windowsills, chandeliers, mirrors and doorways can also be transformed into a jolly seasonal backdrop with greenery, pinecones, cotton balls, glitter and ornaments.

Consider keeping present wrappings understated, yet elegant and incorporate it into your décor with craft paper, twine and sprigs of evergreen or rosemary.

Wreaths are a gorgeous stand-in for a tree and can be hung from kitchen cabinets, desks, the backs of chairs or even leaned on a bar cart or shelf. Don’t forget the mistletoe!

Paper snowflakes hung on sparkly strands from a hallway or other out- of-the-way ceiling spaces with tape take up little space but are big on impact. They also look beautiful affixed to glass window panes.

If your home is naturally full of color, consider neutral color themes (with lots of warm white) to keep spaces feeling airy and bright. Alternatively, if your style is neutral or minimalist, deep holiday reds and cheery green immerse the senses in the holiday palette.

A strand of white twinkle lights in unexpected places goes a long way towards setting a festive mood – on shelves, from the ceiling and even around a bike out of commission for the winter.

A recent design trend that is just as cozy as it is elegant is a white faux fur throw which evokes snowy scapes and outdoor scenes.

Crank up the holiday tunes and happy decorating!

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