Kyle Schuneman is an Interior Design Rock Star!

Meet Kyle Schuneman! You may recognize him from his many appearances on HGTV, The Talk and his countless interviews on local television. Dude is blowing up!

Not only is Kyle a good friend of ours, but he cares a lot about helping renters find ways to make an apartment in to their own special place. He just published his first book “The First Apartment Book” which you can buy on Amazon (Christmas gift anyone?) where he shows how he made over the apartments of ten lucky renters.

We asked Kyle a few questions about his new book and what the thinks about RadPad. Here’s what he said:

Do you rent or own your place?


Since RadPad wasn’t available when you found your place, how’d you find it?

I did a combination of both Craigslist and Westside Rentals and asked around. I really wanted to find something in a pretty small area so I would constantly scour the sites for updated listings.

What was the hardest thing about finding your place?

Finding a deal I think is always the hardest. Everyone wants to feel like they’re getting something worth what they’re paying and there is so much horrible stuff out there that it gets frustrating. A lot of times you’d find a cool listing and then find out those are images of a “similar” unit and come to find out the actual unit is nothing like what you’re interested in. 

You’ve lived in Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Which city has the coolest apartments? Why?

I think they all have their positives and negatives. Chicago you can actually find a great deal for a major city and San Fran has some amazing architecture with so much character while L.A. has just an easy stylish feel to their apartments. I think though for me L.A. ultimately has the coolest because there are so many small buildings that you can really find something unique and because the city is so style driven you see that in a lot of the places.

You just published a book called “The First Apartment Book” which shows you making over the apartments of renters in 10 cities across the US. Why apartments?

I felt like there was a big hole in the market for apartment decorating. You would see these extravagant design books that weren’t relatable – I really wanted to write a book that celebrated that time in a young person’s life when they move into their first place and really tell the story of that through these makeovers.

So many apartments feel sterile and cold when you move in. I mean white walls, neutral carpets and tiles don’t exactly feel like home. What’s the first thing you do when you move in to a new pad?

Figure out how you need the space to function – then you can make anything pretty from there but form should follow function for small spaces. I also tell people to buy a plant – it makes you become interactive with your space and start to take care of it. So often I’ll see people just giving up on the whole process of decorating their space but I really try to emphasize in the book that whether you’re renting or owning it’s still your space and life is too short not to splash your personality around it.

You always hear interior decorators talk about how much painting a wall can improve the appearance and feeling of a room. What’s your favorite paint colors right now and what about them makes them your favorite?

I think greys and taupes have become the neutral and feel very modern and crisp. If you want a more modern feel choose a grey with a blue undertone and if you want something a bit warmer and more classic a taupe with a brown base is a perfect go to.

Ok so now to the really good stuff!!

Where’d you buy your bed sheets?

I have a lot of different sets actually but right now on my bed they’re from Serena and Lily.

How about your bath towels?

Towels right now are from West Elm.

What’s a super secret design trick that you do that no one else knows?

If I told you that I’d have to kill you.

What’s the one thing in your apartment you couldn’t live without?

I have some art that I really love. For the most part though I change out my style a lot so I change up my furniture a lot too. I’m constantly evolving which I think is the fun of design.

Finally, what do you think about RadPad?

I’m excited about it! The idea of a location derived app to help the painful process of finding an apartment in a competitive market is totally needed!

Thanks a lot Kyle!

For some of Kyle’s design protips, follow him on the Twitter.

To see more of his work, visit his website at Live Well Designs.

Photo’s credited to Joe Schmelzer