Healthy Home Makeover

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You’ve got your apartment decked out just as you want it and it’s a beautiful expression of your personality and style. Your home should be a place of refuge that will replenish you before you head back out into the world. Here are some ways to keep you feeling well and rested in your home.

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Grow Clean

Surprisingly, the air inside a building can be up to five times more toxic than outside air due to chemicals in everyday products, pets, and lack of good air circulation. Flex that green thumb of yours and purify your air with plants. They absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen. As part of that process, they also take in other gases that have permeated your home from plastics, fabrics, pesticides, smoke and cleaning products. All plants will do this, but superstar adsorbers are Boston ferns, spider plants, English ivy, snake plants and peace lilies. Looking for some inspiration? Check out our guide to bringing the garden inside

Purify the Air

If you also suffer from seasonal or pet allergies, or live in an area with high levels of air pollution or that is prone to wildfires, an air purifier will remove those harmful particulates from the air that can cause respiratory issues. There are two main types of purifiers. The first uses powerful filters several times finer than those found in standard HVAC equipment. The second works by negatively charging air particles and causing those particles to the floor, away from direct contact. Air purifiers also keep the air smelling fresh and reduce the amount of dust that collects.

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Keep it Clean

Even with a plant-filled, purified apartment, it’s still important to keep it clean, especially if you have a pet. Vacuum regularly, change your air filter every six months, use the exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom, clean with all-natural products and avoid the use of strong chemicals without proper ventilation. Reduce or eliminate the burning of candles and wood in the fireplace.

Move It

Especially for those who work at home, getting up after an hour or so of sitting can improve your health immeasurably. Simply switching it up from sitting to standing can make a big difference. Consider a full or convertible standing desk. Take your space to the next level by setting up a functional and fun place to work out. If there’s no room for a home gym, have your gym bag and workout gear in a place where it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice. Finally, if stretching or yoga is more your speed, create a calming sanctuary to have some quiet moments.

These simple changes can help you feel like a healthier person and can spill over to other positive life choices. Your home is your haven and nothing feels better (or healthier) than being completely at peace in your space.


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