Introducing ‘First to Know’ – Get access to new listings before other renters

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The struggle to find an apartment is real. It’s also a lot of work. If you happen to live in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York or really just about anywhere, you know it’s a renter frenzy when new places come on the market.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of First to Know. We built it for renters who want a competitive advantage.

Here’s how it works.

We get access to millions of listings, often times before they come on the market. First to Know gives you access to brand new listings four hours before the listing comes on the market.

Just tell us what you want (I want a one bedroom apartment in Santa Monica and don’t want to pay more than $1,850/month) and we’ll do the work for you AND let you know about the listing before every other renter. Bam!

RadPad First to Know

Not only does this give you a competitive advantage over other renters because you get access to the listing first, but we continue to find that the first renters to contact the landlord are significantly more likely of getting the apartment. #Truth

Upgrade to First to Know and give yourself the advantage you need to get the apartment you know you want.

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